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Jaco as a speaker was truly, truly inspirational. He has an amazing ability to connect with every member of the team with a style that engages all levels of the organisation. His passion and energy is infectious, he is able to captivate his audience with content that is entertaining, engaging, motivational and thought provoking. He has a skill to make the team believe that anything can be achieved if you have a vision, passion, belief, you plan well, train hard, and stay on course no matter the challenges that come your way. Jaco will inspire your team, making them feel empowered and that they personally can make a significant difference to the organisation. He leaves audiences with the absolute belief that success both professionally and personally is up to them and the teams they are a part of.

Kerry Miller


Vice President Customer Development Unilever Australia & New Zealand

Jaco joined our extended Leadership session. His motivational speech reflected our company values of Joy, Care and Passion for Better and aimed to empower our team members to dream big and accomplish our goals, both individually and as a team. Jaco’s inspiring speech was a strong reminder that no obstacle should remain unchallenged and everyone can prove their passion and determination to accomplish even the most ambitious goals. I appreciate Jaco’s proactive approach, openness and willingness to accommodate our specific needs in the process, which significantly contributed to the success of our event.

Robert Redeleanu


Chief Executive Officer UPC Hungary and UPC Poland

I have the privilege to have Jaco as my Mentor since 2013. Jaco has the ability to be truly empathic and provide powerful feedback and guidance to both my professional and personal journeys. As a result of Jaco’s mentoring, it has allowed me to establish much stronger and clearer personal values and professional goals in my life.

Daniel Sedgwick


Account Executive II – Coca Cola USA

We invited Jaco as key speaker to kickoff of the new business year. During his presentation the audience was highly engaged and afterwards he became the talk of the day. It inspired all of us to set up our own dreams and to start making them come true!

Monique Gottgens Hesselink


Manager Customer Marketing AkzoNobel

Jaco has a real talent to read the culture of the company and the atmosphere between the participants, which are absolutely key succeeding with the set goals related to the Belvedere Immersion. Besides leaving the group inspired and succeeded to establish the Belvedere Collective, Jaco has made 38 new friends, which showcase how good he is to connect with each individual. Obviously I highly recommend Jaco to each profit and non-profit organisation in order to inspire many more people and children.

Marc Goudemont


Business Development Director Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton

Inspiration comes for many of us after being exposed to someone with passion. That is exactly what 1000 Randstad employees experienced when meeting Jaco. In a very authentic and passionate way Jaco shared his experiences as a mountaineer and his view on how to pursue your dreams. I would without any doubt recommend Jaco to any company and I am convinced that he will leave the audience inspired.

Jeroen Tiel


Jaco has Climbed the Mount Everest
in real life!
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